Welcome To Aramim

Welcome to Aramim, a private owned company engaged in general trading, headquartered in Canada.

The company’s main business activities are in Organic Consumer Goods, Food Products and hygienic products. The company carries a much diversified range of brands & products under these categories..

Our team of high qualified staff have been gathered to choose the best products for the consumers.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society.

Our Vision

To be a pioneering multinational, utilizing international best practices and to live by our core values


Aramim Co. has the ability to provide customers with the best products of each region from different countries.
With our ability to observe all the markets around the world, we can select the best special products that satisfies the customers. All the products can be imported to Canada or export to other countries.

Online Shopping

Through online shopping, you can read the specifications of every organic product and get advice from our specialists and have a comfortable purchase. We are glad to provide our customers with competitive prices.

Special offers for Wholesalers

There is a system in Aramim to help Wholesalers. We have our special offer for them and help them to get the competitive price and dominate the market. To more information please contact us.


Aramim Commercial Company was established in the business sector with the goal of sustainable development and long-term vision.
The company with a history of nearly 10 years of experience in the field of export of decoration products such as carpeting, laminate flooring and flooring, is one of the leading exporter companies.
Aramim Trading Company, thanks to its experience and successful policies, has been using modern and up-to-date techniques based on customer orientation and supplying quality and diverse products, and has always tried to meet the needs of its customers by procuring best possible products.

Selected Brands

selected product , selected brands , is our jobs

New products are on the way

We are constantly looking at the market and discovering the abilities of the quality products, and with the obsession and insights on the brands, we identify the best-quality products and import them to the country. That’s why we always have something new to say.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.


we Have souvenirs from all around the world.


PAAPAAK Pumice, gift from Iran


• more easy to rub to remove your dead skin, callused skin or hard skin on your feet and elsewhere
• Handy and easy to use
• Useful for some types of headaches and most brain diseases
• Organic material which makes it 100% harmless for body skin


• The highest amount of insulin is in the heels. People with diabetes type 2, if they use pumice stones for 10 minutes a day, will regulate their blood insulin. It will also increase fat burning and fitness. In diabetic patients in the lower half of the body (legs), blood circulation is not being done correctly, and the person may have problems such as palpitations and the like. In fact, the use of pumice stones improves blood supply and thus helps to diabetics.


Pumice comes from  volcanoes  exploding rocks . when these rocks are thrown out of the crater , they emit gas during cooling  that make holes on them . spongy and rough  tissue of this stone make  it  has exfoliating and peeling properties.

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